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Fenway Bra Sewing Inspiration

Thank you for the enthusiastic response to the Fenway bra sewing pattern! I love the possibilities of all the different bras you can make with this new style. I thought I would share some of my inspiration to give you ideas for making your own Fenway bra.     Starting on the left hand side above, there are some great ideas […]

Another New Bra Sewing Pattern!

Introducing the Fenway bra! As you may guess from the name, this style was inspired by baseball and because today is the home opener at Fenway Park in Boston, I have been waiting until today to release this pattern! I first started thinking about his bra style when a foul ball unexpectedly fell into my […]

How to Move Straps on the Marlborough Bra

When I posted the tutorial “How to Move Straps for a Better Fitting Bra” I used the Boylston bra sewing pattern for my example. Afterwards I was asked for the same tutorial for the Marlborough bra sewing pattern. Well, ask and you shall receive! While it is slightly more complicated to move the straps on […]

Esplanade Bra Making Kits Now Available!

Once again I have teamed up with Tailor Made Shop to offer bra making kits, this time for the Esplanade bra! Just add the pattern and underwires to these Orange Lingerie x Tailor Made Shop kits and you have everything you need to make your own beautiful long line strapless bra. You may recognize a […]

Four Tips for Making a Hook and Eye Closure

The Leverett sewing pattern presents all sorts of possibilities for customizing your bras with a unique hook and eye closure. While making a hook and eye closure by hand takes a bit of work (a.k.a. hand sewing!), I have some tips and tricks to make it easier. 1. Choose the Right Fabric Successful sewing projects start with the […]

How to Make Detachable Bra Straps – Part 2

  In the last post I went through all the prep work to create detachable bra straps. In this post, I will take you through the process adding a strap attachment to your Esplanade bra so you can wear straps with your bra – or not! I love options! Since I am using my Esplanade […]

How to Make Detachable Bra Straps – Part 1

Since the release of the Esplanade bra, many of you have asked whether it is possible to add straps to this design. Well, the answer is a definitive YES! Over the next two posts I am going to show you how to make detachable bra straps so you can still get the benefits of a strapless bra […]

Esplanade Bra Sewing Inspiration

As you get ready to make your Esplanade bra, I thought it would be fun share some design ideas to share some of the styles you can make using this sewing pattern. Above are some of my favorite strapless and long line bras. Let’s take a closer look! Staring in the upper left hand corner is an amazing […]