How to Add Detachable Bra Straps by Orange Lingerie

How to Make Detachable Bra Straps – Part 2

  In the last post I went through all the prep work to create detachable bra straps. In this post, I will take you through the process adding a strap attachment to your Esplanade bra so you can wear straps with your bra – or not! I love options! Since I am using my Esplanade […]

How to Make Detachable Bra Straps from Orange Lingerie

How to Make Detachable Bra Straps – Part 1

Since the release of the Esplanade bra, many of you have asked whether it is possible to add straps to this design. Well, the answer is a definitive YES! Over the next two posts I am going to show you how to make detachable bra straps so you can still get the benefits of a strapless bra […]

Esplanade Bra Sewing Inspiration from Orange Lingerie

Esplanade Bra Sewing Inspiration

As you get ready to make your Esplanade bra, I thought it would be fun share some design ideas to share some of the styles you can make using this sewing pattern. Above are some of my favorite strapless and long line bras. Let’s take a closer look! Staring in the upper left hand corner is an amazing […]