Couture Lingerie



With the graphic designer, artist and pattern grader all working on their parts of the upcoming Orange Lingerie sewing pattern I met up with a great group of women including Leisa from A Challenging Sew and Sarah from Goodbye Valentino to practice couture sewing as taught by Susan Khalje.

Lucky for me, this class came at the perfect time to test different couture construction techniques for the bias cut silk camisole pattern I am working on for release later this year. If you follow me on Instagram you got a glimpse into the process and saw some of the other amazing laces in the workroom like this one:

My favorite lesson was on how to make the ultimate spaghetti straps. Just look at how tiny you can get them! They may look dainty but they are super strong and turn out perfect every time.

Now I am back from class finalizing my first sewing pattern and refining the prototype for the second – both bras. I have learned that it takes at least 6 months to create a sewing pattern because while a sewing pattern could be only a template for the pieces to cut and sew (like Marfy patterns), I felt it was important to provide more with my lingerie patterns.

It is all the additional elements beyond the pattern itself like the instructions for sewing and measuring for size as well as the artwork and packaging that take up a lot of time. Regardless, everyday there is progress and the first pattern will available shortly!



I didn’t just move my home across the country, I also moved my work into its own separate studio! One thing about moving that I discovered is that it makes you look at things from a different perspective. It is a happy side effect that the move made me take a fresh look at my work.

Preparing to launch a line of lingerie sewing patterns, over the Summer I designed, drafted and graded my first pattern release. I was all set to move on to the next steps of the process when I learned we were moving to Boston. After we set up our home and my new studio last month, I reviewed my work plan and realized that instead of continuing to complete the original designs, I should be creating what the readers of my book are actually asking for: a really great bra pattern. So in case you were wondering, yes, I really am listening!

I have been solely focused on creating a sewing pattern for a bra that incorporates the style lines and features that I found consistently produced the most flattering fit and support for my custom clients. With the change in plans, the pattern won’t be available until next year but I promise it is worth waiting for!

Welcome to The Lingerie Addict Readers!


As a reader of The Lingerie Addict, I know you love lingerie. I have a number of articles on lingerie as well as some pretty pictures. I hope you stay awhile and enjoy them all!

Expect the Unexpected

What is the line about the world laughing at you when you make plans? Well, that saying exactly sums up my month. At the beginning of August, my husband and I were planning to move to an apartment in the East Village neighborhood in Chicago. We searched for and found an amazing apartment and spent time negotiating the lease. Then, the day we were to sign the lease, the unexpected happened.

My husband was offered a great career opportunity. In Boston. Just to complicate matters we could not start the moving process or even share the news broadly as his company went through their process to finalize the arrangements, filling these last few weeks with a lot of uncertainty. At last everything has fallen into place and I can finally share the news. We are moving to Boston!

I am not going to lie, moving cross country is highly disruptive. It is not just the move itself but the fact that all of our belongings will be in storage for at least a month while we find a place to live. While I am working hard to keep my projects on track it could take a bit longer than I expected to release my first pattern. You see, not expecting three distraction filled weeks and the Boston move, I got ambitious and decided to make a set (bralette and matching knickers) for my first pattern.

Luckily the pattern has already been graded and digitized and most of my test sewing is complete. Who knows, the move could lead to an unexpected increase in productivity since my stash of fabric and tempting extracurricular sewing projects will be temporarily out of reach. Now off to decide what can be temporarily exiled to storage and what I can not live without.

Sewing Patterns!

Ever since I launched Orange Lingerie (nearly 4 years ago!) I have been drafting bra patterns to fit individual clients and to make small batches of ready-to-wear lingerie for local designer markets. When it came time to edit and test my book Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction I decided that I needed to use the materials my readers would have access to so I used a variety commercially available bra patterns to run through the techniques in my book.

As I worked with commercial patterns I saw room for innovation and a different point of view so I started to think about producing my patterns for those who wanted to sew my designs. As readers of my book and my blog started asking more about Orange Lingerie patterns, the thought really took hold.

I have mentioned this to a few of you but here is the formal announcement: I am going to start making my lingerie patterns available! I still have work to do to get everything ready for the release of the first pattern but soon you will be able to purchase Orange Lingerie sewing patterns!

I will continue to tweet and post pictures of my progress on Instagram. You can also join my email list to be notified as soon as patterns are released and to find out how and where you can buy them.

Now back to work!