The Search for a Sewing Machine


With any craft, it helps to have the best tool for the task at hand. Tools perfectly suited to the job make your work easier and help you complete tasks more efficiently. Recently I started questioning if I had the best sewing machine for my work and started searching for a new one. To provide […]

Couture Lingerie

Couture Camisole

With the graphic designer, artist and pattern grader all working on their parts of the upcoming Orange Lingerie sewing pattern I met up with a great group of women including Leisa from A Challenging Sew and Sarah from Goodbye Valentino to practice couture sewing as taught by Susan Khalje. Lucky for me, this class came […]



I didn’t just move my home across the country, I also moved my work into its own separate studio! One thing about moving that I discovered is that it makes you look at things from a different perspective. It is a happy side effect that the move made me take a fresh look at my […]

Expect the Unexpected


What is the line about the world laughing at you when you make plans? Well, that saying exactly sums up my month. At the beginning of August, my husband and I were planning to move to an apartment in the East Village neighborhood in Chicago. We searched for and found an amazing apartment and spent […]

Sewing Patterns!

Dose Market Image of Orange Lingerie Market Table

Ever since I launched Orange Lingerie (nearly 4 years ago!) I have been drafting bra patterns to fit individual clients and to make small batches of ready-to-wear lingerie for local designer markets. When it came time to edit and test my book Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction I decided that I needed to use the […]

Reader Questions Answered

#1 Best Seller

Before I dive into reader questions, I first want to thank everyone for making my book the #1 best selling sewing book! If you don’t have your copy yet, you can get it here. Over the last week I have discovered that one of the best parts of publishing a book is interacting with its […]