Introducing the Boylston Bra Sewing Pattern!

Boylston Bra by Orange Lingerie

You may have seen an early prototype of this design in the article I wrote for Threads magazine (#174). Now you can get the pattern to make your own custom foam t-shirt bra, cut-and-sew bra or even bikini top! The Boylston bra is super versatile.

In terms of design I wanted to create a demi cup style with good coverage and shaping. I also wanted a different neckline for the Boylston so I used a fabric strap that is fairly wide where it attaches to the upper cup and narrows as it goes over the shoulder. In addition to the flattering neckline, I love the look of carrying the pattern of the fabric up through the strap.

Boylston Bra - Floral Silk Charmeuse

There are so many variations you can make from this design! Stay tuned to the usual social media outlets to see more of them. To get started making your own Boylston bras, you can buy the pattern on Etsy or in my shop!

Boylston Bra - Beige Flower

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  1. Evie
    Evie says:

    Oh my word!!! I think you may have just released the perfect bra pattern. I’ve been wanting to start making my own, but have been hesitant as there wasn’t a pattern that I really loved without needing to tweak several style points. I will definitely be picking up a copy of this though!

  2. Patricia O
    Patricia O says:

    Somebody’s been a busy bee – all these patterns coming out. The bra fitting book has been on my wish list for some time (unfortunately I have a hole in the roof flat extension the repair of which I must prioritise). I can manage a bit longer without a new bra than I can with water coming through the roof when it rains. Mind you my attempts at bra making have worked (mostly) but they haven’t been as pretty as I might have hoped. Being an older lady if I ever get round to buying an “undies” pattern it will be the “seated” version – thongs and Sincerely Thine do not agree.

    • Norma
      Norma says:

      Hi Patricia! I will be showing several variations on the pattern to give you ideas for a pretty finished bra. For undies, I do have a brief pattern as an alternative to the thong.

      • Grace
        Grace says:

        As a 36H I’m just outside the hidden sizing range.
        I am really hoping that someday a demi pattern will be available for larger cups as they are not readily available in RTW. I’ve just about given up on being able to wear surplice and scoop tops since larger cup size bras have too much coverage at the center.

    • Norma
      Norma says:

      Hi Lee,
      I was given the Dolce & Gabbana silk charmeuse by Leisa from A Challenging Sew. The original yardage came from Tessuti Fabric. This bra is made from the scraps she had left after making her blouse. I will make an effort to note fabric origin as I present more samples! Also, no foam was used in that bra. I have some beautiful samples using foam coming up though!

  3. Becky
    Becky says:

    Finally, a bra pattern I can be really excited about! Though it’ll be awhile before I can make one (baby due any day, so it’ll be all about the nursing and impossible to work on fit for now), I’m happy to know that there is finally a knit top-friendly pattern out there that doesn’t require me to have a flat chest!

    • Evie
      Evie says:

      I think I could have written this very comment, Becky. I’m due in 8 days and counting down until I can get back to post-nursing sizes next year and make myself a few of these.

  4. Jo
    Jo says:

    Hi! I’ve seen your Marlborough bra around on blogs and it’s very pretty! I’ve never made a bra before and this looks promising! Does it have any particular features that make it more suitable as a foam cup bra than the Marlborough?
    Am I correct in thinking that this bra is designed for both foam and other types of fabric?

    Sorry to bombard with questions, but I am new to all this. Looks like a great pattern.
    Oh, and is this style suitable for lace, or is it better to buy a bra style that already incorporates it, like the Marlborough?

    Thanks for your time 🙂

    • Norma
      Norma says:

      Hi Jo,
      The Boylston is more suitable for foam than the Marlborough because it does not have a lace upper cup. That said, you can add lace over the upper cup for this new design. For a bra making beginner, I recommend the Marlborough if you want to use lace since it is specifically designed for it. Note, I will be posting modifications to the Boylston so stay tuned!

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