What do you do if you have a life long love of sewing and lingerie and are tired of toiling on Wall Street? You quit and start your own custom bra and lingerie making business, right?! Well, back in 2010 that is exactly what I did.

Spending all my time sewing for clients, I longingly followed all the garment sewing I did not have the time to do by reading sewing blogs. As I met the bloggers and other sewists, I discovered there was a lot of interest in bra making so I wrote a book about fitting and constructing bras to share my tips, tricks and techniques. I went on to create a bra sewing pattern, based on my custom clients favorite design, so sewists could put my book to good use.

Today I am exclusively focused on working with the sewing community to get all sewists making their own beautiful and professional looking lingerie with my modern sewing patterns.

Norma Loehr from Orange Lingerie