Another New Bra Sewing Pattern!

The Fenway Bra by Orange Lingerie this version in Polka Dot Silk with TulleIntroducing the Fenway bra!

As you may guess from the name, this style was inspired by baseball and because today is the home opener at Fenway Park in Boston, I have been waiting until today to release this pattern!

I first started thinking about his bra style when a foul ball unexpectedly fell into my lap at a ball game. I was inspired by the curves and stitching detail on the ball and started thinking about what a baseball inspired bra would look like.

Baseball Inspiration from Orange Lingerie

I knew for sure that I wanted a curvy lower cup shape, which I was able to get by removing the frame of the bra. The rest of the style elements – the triangle upper cup and the fold over elastic – contribute to an overall fresh and sporty look, all of which seem to say “baseball” to me.

Close Up of Round Lower Cup on the Fenway Bra by Orange Lingerie

This is my first frameless design; that is, the cups are not set into a frame but are attached to separate band and bridge pieces. This means the construction is a bit different when applying the underwire casing. Of course, as usual, I have fully illustrated instructions to walk you through the process.

Frameless Cup of the Fenway Bra by Orange Lingerie

As mentioned, this bra uses fold over elastic to finish the upper edges of the bra for a fun and sporty finish. If you have shied away from using fold over elastic in the past, fear not – my instructions include a super simple method to attach that trim! I am convinced that the fold over elastic is the reason why this bra sews up faster than any of my other styles!

Side View of the Fenway Bra by Orange Lingerie

I used a sheer fabric for the upper cup for the initial samples. I am just loving the play of the sheer and the opaque right now. Of course, because this is sewing and you get to make what you want, you do not have to use a sheer contrast! You can be sure that I will be making several Fenway variations over the coming months and sharing them on Instagram.
Close Up of Bra Tulle Upper Cup on Fenway Bra by Orange Lingerie
In terms of sizing, the initial range for the Fenway bra is 30A to 40DD. However, I am considering working on an expanded range for this style. As with my previous bra sewing patterns, the key determinants for developing a larger size range are sufficient demand and the ability to create proper support with similar styling as the original design. What this means is that if you want to see a larger size range for the Fenway bra, be sure to let me know!

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Update June 2017: I truly appreciate all the requests for more Fenway bra sizes. I love the enthusiasm for this style! Based on your feedback, I created some initial mock ups and discovered that expanding the size range will not be possible for this design.

Once I started making the necessary changes to support and flatter larger cup sizes, I was no longer able to create proper support with similar styling as the original design. Sadly, not every bra design translates well to larger cup sizes! 

40 replies
  1. Liz Cadorette
    Liz Cadorette says:

    I will pre-order the larger size range right. now. if you offer it. (I know you aren’t planning on doing the expanded sizes in the esplanade, either, but I’d buy that right this second, too, if it were available. :))

  2. Kate
    Kate says:

    Lovely! First pitch is just over two hours away! I love using fold over elastic in my lingerie pieces. It is so affordable and comes in so many colors. The polka dots are excellent.

  3. Hilde
    Hilde says:

    Love these style lines! So many possibilities ☺
    32F here
    And I really like the Esplanade too
    This looks like it has a lower bridge?

  4. Shannon Flaherty
    Shannon Flaherty says:

    Oh, I love this design! Here’s another vote for expanded sizes if you are able! 38G here.

  5. Sue Sanderson
    Sue Sanderson says:

    Hi yes please to enlarged size range. Partial band styles fit me better and this is so elegant.

  6. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    Another vote for larger sizes here! 🙂 I’ve been sewing up a bunch of Marlborough bras (I know, late to the party) and I’d love to try a partial band 🙂

  7. Lianne
    Lianne says:

    I’d also love this in a larger size please! It’s such a lovely design. And if you did decide to expand the size range on the Esplanade, I’d snap that up too!

  8. Patricia O
    Patricia O says:

    Is the straps on this bra sitting slightly closer to the neck than in the Marlborough and the Boylston or is it just the style that makes it seem so? I have VERY sloping shoulders and have difficulty with bras where the straps are “far out” on the shoulders though that does seem to be the modern trend. Crumbs, I hope I don’t sound negative – I’m just mentioning a problem I have. Just looking at the design of the bra it seems very nice – coming from the UK I don’t know that much about baseball except that it’s a distant cousin of the English game of rounders.

  9. Zoe
    Zoe says:

    Definitely another vote for larger cupsizes here – I love this design, and find frameless designs really comfortable. 38G here, would buy in a heartbeat.

  10. Kate
    Kate says:

    Haven’t made a bra yet but I got excited when I saw this bra. Looks like it would give good coverage to help with supporting larger breasts but would still be sexy with the mesh

  11. Cadi
    Cadi says:

    I’d buy in for pre-order on larger sizes too (38FF up in here)! This is a great pattern, I love the lines!

  12. Merry Pinbender
    Merry Pinbender says:

    Another vote for extended sizes. 32F here and I would plunk down my $ today for a bra pattern tomorrow. Luv the Fenway.

  13. Dani
    Dani says:

    I would honestly love the extended size range on all the patterns, tbh. Even though i know it’s not feasible.

    So a definite extra vote for more sizes 😀

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