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How to Keep Your Bra Straps from Falling

You know the feeling; you are sitting in an important meeting and suddenly you feel a bra strap slide down your shoulder. There are a few reasons why this might be happening and depending on the cause, there are concrete steps you can take to prevent strap slip. Let’s back up and just quickly refresh […]

It’s a Bra Anniversary!

This month our Marlborough bra sewing pattern celebrates its five-year anniversary. It is hard to believe that five years have passed since we published our first sewing pattern! Since 2014 we have published over one dozen lingerie sewing patterns, including two underwear patterns (the Kingston thong and the Montgomery brief) that I created just so […]

Even More Sewing Tips for Bra Making!

Over the summer I shared a lot of my favorite pro tips for bra making. As I was putting those posts together, I thought of even more tips to help you make your own beautiful and professional looking lingerie! Below I capture a few of my favorites. Sewing Small Pieces Sewing small pieces can be […]

Our Best Bra Sewing Tips and Tricks

It is hard to believe that I have been writing about how to make your own beautiful and professional looking lingerie for over 9 years! With so many sewists focused on bra making this month with the “#BRAugust” Instagram photo challenge, I thought it would be helpful to share some my top tips from the […]

A Method to Make Any Sewing Project Easier

If there was one technique I wish for every sewist to use, it is this one! It works like a charm when sewing any garment but I find it particularly valuable when it comes to bra making. This method has reduced student construction errors in my bra making workshops to almost zero. What is this […]

Machine Stitching Specifications for Bra Making

If you’ve experienced less than favorable results when searching for the perfect fitting bra, then you already know what makes creating your own bras so amazing. It’s the opportunity to not only have the style and fit that you desire but durability as well. One of the secrets to a bra that lasts through washing […]

How to Alter Devonshire Lace Cups for Fabric

The Devonshire love continues! This week I have a tutorial for converting the cup from using lace to using fabric. This conversion allows you to carry through your fabric print (or solid) through the entire front of the bra like the scuba fabric Devonshire pictured above. This alteration is also a great workaround for when […]

Easy Alterations to Customize Bra Cup Fit

Unique to our bra styles, our new Devonshire bra has a two-piece vertically seamed cup to provide beautiful uplift. With this new style I thought it would be helpful to post the most common pattern alterations that you can use to customize the fit of your Devonshire. Like our Boylston bra, the Devonshire bra is […]

Devonshire Bra Sewing Inspiration

Thank you for your enthusiastic response to our new Devonshire bra sewing pattern! I am thrilled with the reception and can’t wait to see all the Devonshire bras that you all make! Today I wanted to share some of my favorite looks that you can create using the Devonshire pattern. There are so many beautiful […]

Introducing the Devonshire Bra Pattern!

I am super excited to introduce you to our newest underwire bra sewing pattern, the Devonshire bra! For the Devonshire bra I wanted to create beautiful uplift with delicate lace. The first thing I think of for uplift from a bra are the cup seams and the underwire. Vertical seams are great for uplift since […]