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The Secret to Finding Hidden Bra Sizes

The most asked question about the Marlborough bra pattern is “Will it fit me?” Usually this question comes from someone outside of the size range listed on the pattern. It is an excellent question and many times, my answer is actually yes! This bit of sizing magic is possible through what is called “sister sizing”. Sister […]

How to Learn Bra Making in 14 Hours

  The best way to jump start your knowledge on any topic, is to learn from an expert. Sure you can read my book or watch a video, but nothing really beats live and in-person hands on training. That is precisely why I am starting to offer bra making workshops! In my workshops I lead […]

How to Manipulate Fabric for Bra Making

It happens to all of us. We fall in love with a fabric that is completely unsuitable for our project. Bra making is certainly no exception. So how do you use that fun Spandex print fabric to make your next bra? Or how do you make a plain tricot more interesting? Well, as usual, you […]

Bra Wardrobe Essential #2 – the Sports Bra

As a CrossFit athlete and a bra maker, I admit I am troubled by the bra top the female athletes will be required to wear to compete at the CrossFit games. The uniform looks much like the sports bra in the picture above. This compression style bra with thin straps is really only good for the smaller […]