Orange Lingerie in the studio

How and Why I Became a Bra Maker

One of my close friends looked the About section of the Orange Lingerie Website and told me it was a little, well, thin. Ok, constructive criticism accepted. When my husband sheepishly agreed with her assessment, I knew I needed to share more about how I started making bras and why I started Orange. It all […]

Orange Lingerie in the studio

Demystifying the Custom Bra Making Process

After calls from two different brides who each wanted strapless bras for weddings later this month, I realized that many women have never commissioned a custom garment  and likely have no idea what to expect. I suppose, first of all, I should be clear that it takes four to six weeks to make a custom […]

Bra Wardrobe Essential #2 - the Sports Bra by Orange Lingerie

Bra Wardrobe Essential #2 – the Sports Bra

As a CrossFit athlete and a bra maker, I admit I am troubled by the bra top the female athletes will be required to wear to compete at the CrossFit games. The uniform looks much like the sports bra in the picture above. This compression style bra with thin straps is really only good for the smaller […]