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Bra Wardrobe Essential #1: The Everyday Bra

When building the ideal bra wardrobe, we need to start at the beginning with the first type of bra everyone must have, the everyday bra. This is the bra that you can reach for each day without even thinking about it. You know it will work with your outfit and will not show underneath your […]

Introduction to the Ideal Bra Wardrobe by Orange Lingerie

Introduction to the Ideal Bra Wardrobe

One of my clients just asked me how many bras they should own. Such a great question! Of course, the answer is more than just a number, because all bras are not created equal. The answer to how many bras you should own is a combination of a number of bras and the type of […]

How to Care for Your Lingerie on the Orange Lingerie Blog

Bra Care and Maintenance

If you want your bras to perform at their best and last as long as possible, you need to wash your bra after wearing it once, or maximally twice. Think about it: the bra is worn directly against your body so it collects body oils and skin cells. Elastic, a key component of the bra […]