Orange Lingerie Design for Dose Market

A Fast Acting Dose of Lingerie

I have been working on a very exciting project and it is time to share the news. I am producing a limited collection of lingerie for the Dose Market in Chicago! This is the first time I am producing ready-to-wear lingerie, something that is quite different from making custom bras for individual clients. Pictured above […]

Beyond the Foam Dome by Orange Lingerie

Beyond Foam-Dome

I am just going to come out and say it. I don’t like foam. Foam cups, that is. To me, seamless molded foam cups give all women the same rounded shape. Not only is it boring but it is unrealistic and not a good look for everyone. In defense of manufacturers, it is much easier […]

Orange Lingerie in the studio

How and Why I Became a Bra Maker

One of my close friends looked the About section of the Orange Lingerie Website and told me it was a little, well, thin. Ok, constructive criticism accepted. When my husband sheepishly agreed with her assessment, I knew I needed to share more about how I started making bras and why I started Orange. It all […]