Boylston Bra Sewing Inspiration

Beautiful Boylston Bras on the Orange Lingerie Blog

I love seeing all the beautiful versions of my sewing patterns popping up around the web! Pictured above are a few of my recent favorite Boylston bras.

So who made all these lovely garments and where can you learn more?! Going across each row from left to right:

Anne-Marie from
Henna at
Anna from
Emma from
Juli from
Victoria Anne Marcoux @vannibananie on Instagram
Novita from
Carmen from
Meg from

For even more inspiration, you can also check out my Pinterest boards.

Keep making all the beautiful lingerie and showing off your lingerie makes, using the hashtags: #handmadelingerie and/or #bramaking as well the applicable hashtag for my patterns #marlboroughbra #boylstonbra #montgomerybriefs and #kingstonthong.