Bra Making Workshop Fitting Day Recap

Orange Lingerie Bra Making Workshop Fitting DayThis fall has been busy! In addition to working on new patterns for 2017, over the last two months I taught three sold out bra making workshops! The most recent class at Stitch Sew Shop was my classic two-day workshop where I teach students how to construct their own  professional looking bra and how to fit the Marlborough bra to their figure. I never tire of seeing students get super excited to discover they now have the sewing superpowers to make their own bras!

I already posted a recap of what the first day of my workshops looks like so I won’t review that here. The second day of my two-day workshop is all about fitting, making pattern adjustments and sewing up another bra to reinforce new bra making skills so students will be able to make their own bras at home on their own after they leave class.

The second day of class starts with students trying on the bra they made on the first day of class. I examine the fit and notate any necessary pattern changes. Once the group has been fitted I walk them through how to make each pattern change and then check their work before they cut out another bra.

Orange Lingerie Bra Making Workshop Fitting Day

Pattern changes for this group included altering the bra band, removing excess material from the upper cup, increasing the cup volume and moving the straps. I have covered a couple of these changes previously (see links above) and I will be adding posts for the remainder shortly. As requested, I will also write a post on how to move the straps of the Marlborough bra since it is done a bit differently than for the Boylston bra.

For the second bra students get their pick from a variety of bra making kits ranging from a versatile beige to a hot pink to a leopard lace! As usual, the brightest and boldest kits were selected first. Of course if students still want to practice their new skills they usually have enough white material to make another white bra, but no one has ever done that!

Orange Lingerie Bra Making Workshop Fitting DayThe second bras come together much faster than the first day and once complete I provide another fitting. At this point the fit is usually quite good with only a few small refinements recommended to further fine tune the fit. Once again I notate the changes and demonstrate how to make any remaining pattern changes so students can leave class with a fitted Marlborough pattern.

In terms of the venue, Stitch Sew Shop is lovely! They use Bernina machines (my favorite) for classes. They even have my favorite iron, the Reliable i300. I love that iron so much! Their massive cutting table was also a hit. If you live in the Arlington, VA area I highly recommend checking out this beautiful shop!

Orange Lingerie Bra Making Workshop Fitting Day

My next two-day bra making workshop is set for March 18-19 at Three Little Birds Sewing Co. As of today it is half full so grab your spot while you still can!