Bra Making Workshop Recap on Orange Lingerie Blog

Bra Making Workshop Recap

I just got back from a great weekend of teaching bra making at A Gathering of Stitches in Portland, Maine. Samantha, the proprietress, was a great hostess and I love that she made everyone a gift bag that included sewing notions and tasty treats!

We started the workshop by finding everyone’s Marlborough bra size. I have every size made up and ready to try on including the as yet unpublished extended size range. The purpose of the initial fitting is to find the size that fits the student best with the least amount of alterations. That size is the starting point for what will become their custom fit bra pattern.

Marlborough Bra Sizing Samples on Orange Lingerie Blog

Once everyone has been fitted they get busy cutting, marking and sewing. I demonstrate every step along the way and also answer any lingerie related questions. We had some great questions in this class including how to care for bras and how long bras last and could a left handed person attach the hooks and eyes on the opposite sides (You can certainly try it but baste it and try it on first!).

I always bring all my pattern samples to workshops so students can get ideas for making their own lingerie. Since I only sell kits and supplies in my workshops, I also bring samples of bra making fabrics and notions from other suppliers so students can see and feel the fabrics and notions that they can order online.

Bra Making Workshop Recap on Orange Lingerie Blog

Once each student completes their first bra, I assess the fit and make any recommendations to fine-tune their pattern. The majority of fitting adjustments this past weekend were things like changing the rear strap placement and increasing and decreasing the band and the upper cup.

Nearly all students completed a second bra using their revised pattern and a couple even started in on a third bra! Once you know how to make them, bras come together quickly and you just want to make more!

Want to join one of my workshops? One spot just opened up for the May 14-15 workshop at Craftwork just outside of Boston. If you want to be the first to know about any new workshops, sign up for my newsletter!

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  1. Gina R
    Gina R says:

    Hi Norma! If you ever have a reason to come the Minneapolis area and teach, I would be in heaven. Btw I look forward to your blog posts.

  2. Nina
    Nina says:

    What about the UK? Are you ever likely to be here? Your workshop sounds amazing. Thanks!

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