Lexington Sewing Inspiration

Lexington Bra Sewing Inspiration

Thank you all for your lovely response to our newest bra pattern, Lexington! I am so excited to be able to offer you this bold and unique style, and I can’t wait to see all your versions of it!

While very few bras on the market currently offer the same combination of supportive cups without a wire and a strong graphic look, I’ve put together a few images that offer jumping off points to spark your inspiration – and I am loving this all black & powdered pink line-up as we move toward Halloween!


Lexington Sewing Inspiration
photo credits: Playtex

While this Playtex Perfect Silhouette Bra has a different construction to our Lexington bra, it is visually comparable with the horizontal cup seam and strong upper cup trim statement. I love the idea of using a lightweight tulle or mesh for the upper cup. I think this works best with fabrics that are tonally similar but I could be convinced otherwise with the right mix of colors!


Lexington Sewing Inspiration
photo credits: unknown

The beautiful Rasa bra, under Aritzia’s Community brand, is a great example of how you can play with color contrasts by using elastic of different shades. I love the width of the straps here – they give a contemporary feel to the bra, which, along with the simplicity of the lines & textures, make it very wearable on its own. You can check their different colors online by doing a quick search, so many ways to have fun making this bra!


Lexington Sewing Inspiration
photo credits: Playtex

I can’t wait to make a sweet version of the Lexington bra with lace cups, like this Playtex Non-Wired Bra. I love the swiss dot mesh bridge too! There are so many beautiful laces out there, I’m excited to play with the scale of the lace repeats. For larger sized cups, you’ll want to make sure your lace is wide enough.


Lexington Sewing Inspiration
photo credits: Dita Von Teese

This Dita Von Teese Madame X Bra has so many possibilities! I love the peek-a-boo bridge area and will definitely make one like this by cutting away the bridge fabric after the elastic is sewn on. You could also use a skin tone tulle in the bridge to get the same effect without disrupting the stability of the bra. I’m also itching to try the echo stitching on the cups. It’s purely decorative but I think it adds so much sophistication to this bra!

Have fun sewing this bra and don’t forget to hashtag with #LexingtonBra and #OrangeLingerie so I can find all your lovely makes!

Lexington Sewing Inspiration
Lexington Sewing Inspiration
Lexington Sewing Inspiration
Lexington Sewing Inspiration

Devonshire Bra Sewing Inspiration

Thank you for your enthusiastic response to our new Devonshire bra sewing pattern! I am thrilled with the reception and can’t wait to see all the Devonshire bras that you all make!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite looks that you can create using the Devonshire pattern. There are so many beautiful options!


The Bahia by Aubade (photo credit: unknown)

Can you believe how cute this is!? The fabric is a printed and reembroidered English lace with a scallop edge, paired with a matching double dose of croquet braid along the straps. English lace is a fabric with eyelet cutouts, which makes it stronger than regular lace yet still extremely charming. And yes! you can have fun with the criss-crossing of the ribbons for your center bows, here giving the bra a romantic / summer-in-the-countryside look.


Le Marais by Chantelle (photo credit: unknown)

To me, the ultimate balcony bra is lace through and through. I love the the tone-on-tone; red lace, red straps, red elastic, red bow. Bright solid colors (up to neons!) add a splash of fun, giving the lace a contemporary and versatile look and a colorful reveal of the straps and edges of the bra under strategically layered tops.


The Nudessence by Aubade (photo credit: unknown)

For the lovers of streamlined looks, there is always the option to go slick and smooth by using solid tulles (they open up possibilities to play with transparencies) – and ribbon. I am also liking the solid, contrasting frame and band, which really highlights the cups.


The Allée Des Plaisirs by Aubade (photo credit: unknown)

A criss-crossed satin ribbon in the center and a gorgeous, transparent lace conjures up visions of 18th century French fashions. I especially like the layering of differently colored laces, and also how the fabric is climbing along the straps at an angle, creating a beautiful neckline reminiscent of a baroque dress.


The Starlet by Freya (photo credit: unknown)

You can go retro by making wider straps, choosing poppy colors and bold prints or embroideries! Love how the cups here almost look like seashells – thanks to the stark scallop edge and stitching pattern. And let’s not forget the fun addition of the three contrasting bows.


Délicate Extase by Aubade (photo credit: unknown)

Yes! The sky is the limit when it comes to fabrics and lace choices! Here the frame and straps are made of colorful brocade, a pattern reminiscent of the ones found in traditional Eastern European costumes. The lace matches the main background color, the bow picks up on the embroidery, and we have yet again a really interesting take on the straps, adorned with lace only on one side, which creates a beautifully soft neckline.

I can’t wait to see your Devonshire bra! Hashtag with #devonshirebra and #orangelingerie so I can find all of your beautiful versions!