Couture Camisole by Orange Lingerie

Couture Lingerie

With the graphic designer, artist and pattern grader all working on their parts of the upcoming Orange Lingerie sewing pattern I met up with a great group of women including Leisa from A Challenging Sew and Sarah from Goodbye Valentino to practice couture sewing as taught by Susan Khalje.

Lucky for me, this class came at the perfect time to test different couture construction techniques for the bias cut silk camisole pattern I am working on for release later this year. If you follow me on Instagram you got a glimpse into the process and saw some of the other amazing laces in the workroom like this one:

My favorite lesson was on how to make the ultimate spaghetti straps. Just look at how tiny you can get them! They may look dainty but they are super strong and turn out perfect every time.

Now I am back from class finalizing my first sewing pattern and refining the prototype for the second – both bras. I have learned that it takes at least 6 months to create a sewing pattern because while a sewing pattern could be only a template for the pieces to cut and sew (like Marfy patterns), I felt it was important to provide more with my lingerie patterns.

It is all the additional elements beyond the pattern itself like the instructions for sewing and measuring for size as well as the artwork and packaging that take up a lot of time. Regardless, everyday there is progress and the first pattern will available shortly!


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  1. Ms. McCall
    Ms. McCall says:

    Still patiently but excitedly awaiting the pattern! I’d be happy with minimal instructions, but all the more delighted to find that you’re going to include more detail.xx

    • Norma
      Norma says:

      I debated on the instructions since I know many sewers do not use them at all. I am looking forward to sewer feedback to see what I should provide with subsequent patterns.

  2. Sandra (Sewist-Stitch)
    Sandra (Sewist-Stitch) says:

    Those spaghetti straps are amazing – I want to learn how! I am reading your booking in preparation for embarking on my first bra. Your book is so wonderfully practical and easy to read and all makes perfect sense to me. I am looking forward to your bra patterns 🙂

  3. Jennifer b
    Jennifer b says:

    Love the camisole! And those are the tiniest straps I’ve ever seen. How wonderful to take a class with such an expert!
    Good luck with the patterns!

  4. poppykettle
    poppykettle says:

    So very much looking forward to reading and hearing more about this! Your camisole is just so gorgeous. I’m with Sandra… I want to learn those spaghetti straps!

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