Last updated: April 9, 2018


Couldn’t find what you were looking for by searching the Blog? On this page I answer some of the questions that I get asked the most. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, feel free to reach out to me!


What size am I?

Because there is no sizing standard for bras, bra pattern sizing will differ from company to company. To further complicate matters, there is no one measurement method to determine what size will work for every body (including the one on my pattern envelope!).

The only reliable way to determine bra size is to try on finished bras! Given the bra sizing challenge, when working with any bra sewing pattern, I recommend you first make your ready to wear size – if it fits you well!

I always recommend making a muslin (a.k.a. “toile”) to test the fit of the bra. This applies not only to new patterns but also to any new fabric you decide to use. I have two posts on how to make muslins, a fast way and a more thorough way.


Where can I purchase bra making supplies?

I have list of bra making kits, fabrics and notions suppliers on the Resources page. I am not affiliated with any of these suppliers except for Tailor Made Shop. All opinions are my own.


What sewing tools do I need to make bras?

I have list with links to some of my favorite bra making tools on the Resources page. Full disclosure: These are affiliate links and if you click through and make a purchase, I will be compensated.


Can I make your bra patterns without underwires?

You can make the Marlborough bra or the Boylston bra without underwires, however, you will not get the same degree of support and shaping if you do so. If you decide to omit the underwires, I recommend raising the height of the center front (bridge) and raising the height of the upper cup at the center front to correspond with the revised center front height. I also recommend sewing the bra as directed, the only change being that you do not insert wires into the casing. Those alterations will help a bit if you choose to leave out the underwires!


How do I adjust the bra for (your pattern adjustment)?

In my book I outline the process for fitting bras along with some of the most common fitting adjustments. I also write about fitting adjustments on the blog. If you have read both and still can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to message me via the contact page. I am always looking for blog post ideas!


I have daughters/clients and I want to make bras for them. Do I need a separate pattern for each one?

Yes. Orange Lingerie patterns are for individual use only. Each individual must purchase their own copy of the pattern. It is like commissioning a custom garment, you cannot share one, you need to have one made for each individual.


Where are you teaching next?

I send out bra making workshop dates to my newsletter subscribers and post the events to the classes page on this site. You can also keep up with Orange Lingerie news by following us on Instagram.


Will you teach at my shop?

Yes! I love teaching bra making. Just contact me to discuss!


Do you make custom bras for individual clients?

No. In 2015, I stopped accepting custom bra commissions to focus on my mission to get all sewists making their own beautiful and professional looking lingerie with Orange Lingerie sewing patterns.


Do you consult with, or make patterns for, lingerie start ups/bra entrepreneurs/bra inventors?

No. I am entirely focused on my mission which is to get all sewists making their own beautiful and professional looking lingerie with Orange Lingerie sewing patterns.