Gift Guide for Bra Makers

I can hardly believe that it is that time of year again! The holiday gift buying season is underway!

If you are looking for gifts for your favorite bra maker, I have a few ideas for you. From bra educational materials to bra making kits to the tools I am loving right now, here are some ideas to meet your holiday shopping needs this year:

If you are looking for a gift for someone who wants to learn how to make bras:

The book “Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction”
I wrote this book to cover everything you need to know to start sewing and fitting underwire bras. This book will get anyone’s bra making adventure off to a great start. If you need a gift for an advanced bra maker who wants to start drafting their own bras, I like Bare Essentials: Bras and the Pattern Making for Underwear Design books.

Orange Lingerie Sewing Patterns
All of our patterns have fully illustrated instructions that make it easy to understand how to make a bra. You can gift Orange Lingerie patterns by buying an Etsy gift card that they can then use in our Etsy shop or any of the other Etsy shops that accept the cards. Etsy also has several shops that sell bra making supplies!

Orange Lingerie Gift Guide

Orange Lingerie x Tailor Made Shop bra making kits
Kits make it easy to get started with bra making by taking the guess work out of what materials to use and by simplifying sourcing. I work directly with Tailor Made shop to create the Orange Lingerie x Tailor Made Shop bra making kits specifically for Orange Lingerie sewing patterns. There are some gorgeous kits for both the Berkeley Bra and Fenway Bra sewing patterns currently in stock.

Orange Lingerie Gift Guide - Kits

If you are looking for gifts to help make lingerie sewing easier, faster or just more fun:
Items are described as they appear from left to right in the image below the descriptions. 

Precision Shears
It is not always practical to use a rotary cutter to cut out patterns. There are times I need shears and these Kai shears are great.

Measuring Wheel
I love using measuring wheels to measure seam lines and everything else! The metric version is my favorite. This is especially helpful when drafting on paper.

Pattern Notcher
It is really important to mark lingerie patterns accurately to assist with construction. I rely on this tool to be sure my patterns are notched so all I need to do is go in with my water soluble marker on the fabric to get my project marked (you can see my tutorial on pattern marking here).

Bamboo Stiletto
Sometimes it is the little things! This tool helps control those tiny bits of fabric around around the presser foot of the sewing machine.

Pressing Bars
When I make bra straps from fabric, I like to use these pressing bars to get a strap that is even its entire length.

Loop turner
I need a good loop turner in the studio for making fabric straps, rouleau, etc. I have tried several options but keep coming back to this basic one. I also like the tube version (not pictured) for turning larger fabric tubes.

Pinking Shears
I am always raving about these unique pinking shears! They work like nothing else. I like to use them to finish seams on lightweight fabrics where a french seam would be too bulky.

Orange Lingerie Gift Guide - Notions

Sleeve board
A sleeve board really helps when making those perfect spaghetti straps (you get the entire spaghetti strap tutorial here) and also offers a lot of utility for pressing other lingerie projects. It is one of those great sewing tools that you will wonder how you ever did without!

Tailor ham stand
This stand is indispensable! This stand keeps the tailor ham in one place while pressing so I have a free hand to position the garment on the ham. This stand has a permanent home on my ironing board. If they don’t have one yet, be sure to add a tailor ham for a great and versatile gift set!

Orange Lingerie Gift Guide - Pressing Equipment

If you are looking for more gift ideas, take a look at my gift guide from last year! You can also check out the resources page to see all of the notions and supplies that I recommend for bra making.

Happy shopping!

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