Introduction to the Ideal Bra Wardrobe by Orange Lingerie

Introduction to the Ideal Bra Wardrobe

One of my clients just asked me how many bras they should own. Such a great question! Of course, the answer is more than just a number, because all bras are not created equal. The answer to how many bras you should own is a combination of a number of bras and the type of bras you should own to give yourself maximum flexibility. The answer also needs to take into account your clothing wardrobe and your lifestyle. Given that there is a lot of material to cover to properly address this question, I’ll be answering this question in a series of posts over the next month or so. I’ll discuss each type of bra, its purpose, its distinguishing characteristics and what to look for when selecting one. As part of each post, I will provide a recommendation on the number of bras for the given type. Finally, we will wrap up with a summary of the ideal bra wardrobe.

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  1. norma
    norma says:

    Hi Earline,

    Yes, I do make bras for women who have had a mastectomy. I can also make prostheses that are removable or permanently enclosed in the bra.

    I will email you to follow up. Also keep your eyes open for a blog post on my process and pricing.


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