New Bra Sewing Pattern!

The Esplanade bra. Orange Lingerie's long line strapless bra sewing pattern.Introducing the Esplanade bra sewing pattern!

I started developing this bra over a year ago and I kept working on it until I felt like I had a perfect strapless bra. With foam cups and a boned long line band you get great support while the bra stays put! A long line bra is also great for featuring beautiful fabric prints, like the Liberty London print pictured above, and works well for color or pattern blocking.

The Esplanade pattern is available in cup sizes A to DD and band sizes 30 to 40. The pattern instructions include how to use cut-and-sew foam (and has separate foam pattern pieces) as well as how to easily add boning along the vertical seam lines.

Esplanade. Orange Lingerie's long line strapless bra sewing pattern

Because cut-and-sew foam is used for the cups, you can make this bra using a wide variety of fabrics. Stay tuned to the Orange Lingerie Instagram feed to see more samples and construction details.

Over the coming weeks I will post how to make and attach optional straps, both the permanent and the removable varieties, so you can get more looks from from this pattern.

As always, I can’t wait to see what you make! Be sure to tag images of your garment with #EsplanadeBra so I can see them all!

Happy bra making!

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  1. Kathy Chang
    Kathy Chang says:

    Oh my goodness! I just thought about making a strapless bra a couple of nights ago by altering your bolyston bra pattern. Are you going to release the larger range soon? I’m just outside of the size range, before with the Marlbourgh, I made a 40DD and shortened the band, would I be able to do the same with this pattern?

    • Norma
      Norma says:

      Hi Kathy,
      Nice to hear from you! There will not be a larger size range for this pattern but you can definitely shorten the band to get sister sizes! The cups on this style are bit more generous so be sure make a mock up first!

  2. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    I’m really excited about this new bra pattern! I’ve been meaning to start making bras for a couple years now but other sewing just keeps getting in the way (so many pretty dresses to make, so little time, lol). However, this would be such a super useful addition to my wardrobe and I’m happy to read the instructions include how to work with cut and sew foam for the cups. I’m also very excited about optional straps – that was the only thing I was unsure about when I got the email introducing the pattern: excited about a longline bra but prefer straps. So hooray!

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