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Fun New Sewing Notions

I am always on the look out for new tools to help me get my job done better, faster and easier. I previously detailed the notions used most in my workroom in my book and on my resources page. Since then I have added a few new tools to the mix!

“Pizza wheel”

I discovered this one on Claire’s blog and Melissa wrote about it as well. I had wanted to purchase one and when I spotted it at Odakaya in Tokyo last month, I snapped it right up. This tool allows me to easily measure around curves, a great time saver when I need to make pattern adjustments. I love that it measures in metric units – my preference for pattern work. Claire’s blog post has information on how to buy this one. For those who like to work in imperial measurements, the EZ Measuring Wheel is available here.


Clover Desk Needle Threader

I learned about this gem at the last Susan Khalje couture class. This needle threader works every time, even through the tiny eyes of the Japanese needles that I love to use. I have three of these in various locations between the studio and my home so I am never without one!



Pilot FriXion Point Erasable Gel Pen

Katy & Laney introduced me to this pen by in November while I was shopping at Grey’s Fabric. First of all, I love an erasable pen, but the best feature is that the markings disappear with the heat of an iron. I have successfully used this marker on all sorts of fabrics and the point is nice and fine for precise markings.


Pentel Tri Eraser and Tombow MONO Zero Eraser

I always start bra pattern drafting by hand and there are all sorts of little pieces and tiny lines. When I need to erase a mark, I need to be careful and that is where these tiny erasers come in handy.


Olfa 18mm Rotary Cutter

Even though cutting with shears is more precise, I still love rotary cutting. This size is perfect for cutting small pieces and tight curves. It handles like a pencil so I have more control when cutting.


Japanese Pin Cushion

I like this colorful pin cushion because it reminds me of my visit to the shop in Kyoto that sells handmade sewing needles. The shop was just magical and this reminds of their fine craftsmanship, something I like to keep in mind while working.

A gadget girl at heart, I am always on the lookout for new notions! What are your favorites?

Disclosure: I used affiliate links for the above notions so if you click through and decide to purchase, I will be compensated.


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  1. Claire (aka Seemane)
    Claire (aka Seemane) says:

    Hey love your new toys! And, thanks for the mention.
    I love my “Pizza Wheel” (I bought 2 at the time in case it ever broke) 🙂

  2. Patricia O
    Patricia O says:

    I’ve often looked at rotary cutters but have to be honest I’m scared I’d cut myself (sort of silly thing I’d do).

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