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Reader Questions Answered

Before I dive into reader questions, I first want to thank everyone for making my book the #1 best selling sewing book! If you don’t have your copy yet, you can get it here.

Over the last week I have discovered that one of the best parts of publishing a book is interacting with its readers. I also received some questions about my book that I wanted to share since others may want to know the same things.

The number one most asked question was how to get my book if you don’t have a Kindle. That is an easy one!  Kindle books are instantly downloadable to your computer, IOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry device using the free Kindle app available here.

The second most asked question was if there will be a print/hard copy of the book. I know there are many sewists who prefer a physical book, however the costs of producing a beautiful print book with all the color photographs used to illustrate pattern adjustments and construction details would make the book much more expensive. A print book would also mean that the availability would be limited. For these reasons I specifically chose to offer the book in an ebook format only so it could reach as many people as possible at a reasonable price point.

The next group of questions, about the content of the book, appear anonymized below. (I also took the liberty of making typographical and grammatical corrections.)

Hi Norma,

I wanted to know before I start on a bra sewing adventure if there is something I can substitute for the underwire. I can not use metal due to breast cancer, but other materials are okay. I am a D cup so do need good support. Thank you.


Hi C—–,

Thank you for your email. As an alternative to metal underwires in the cup, you could use plastic underwires and add plastic boning to the side seams of the bra. Your fabric choice for the band will also be important as is using a full frame bra style. My book explains how to apply boning to the side seams as well as how get the most support from the band.

Happy reading!



To elaborate on my response, while I don’t typically recommend plastic underwires given the degree to which they splay, they are better than going wireless. The support of the band can be augmented via the boning and careful band construction and fabrication. I explain how to do this in my book.

Hi Norma,

I was wondering if your book shows how to make a bra for a smaller person by adding foam.  My daughter loves the VS bras (don’t know style) that has padding underneath and gives her a 2 sizes larger look. We both took a bra making class before and they stuck to one style, which was not flattering, so we were a bit discouraged.

Thanks so much.


Hi V——-,

 My book does not include anything regarding the use of foam to create or supplement cups. Perhaps my next book will dive into the world of working with foam!

Regarding the style, you can choose any pattern you wish to work with. My book is all about the techniques to fit and professionally construct bras.



While I generally dislike molded foam cups, judicious use of foam padding has a place in bra making and it is an interesting topic that I do plan to write more about. You can read my thoughts on molded foam cups in a prior blog post here.

I also received a few questions on pattern making topics that go beyond the scope of the book. These could very well become the basis for future blog posts. Stay tuned!

What are your bra making questions? I am looking forward to hearing from you!









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  1. Robin Michael Rush
    Robin Michael Rush says:

    I understand the need for keeping costs down. However, as much as I want to purchase your book, I will can not do so because Kindle will not allow the purchaser to print the document/book. I read better with a a paper book. A printable pdf E-Book would work for me. Please consider this alternative. Thanks!

    • norma
      norma says:

      Hi Robin,
      I hear you! If I hear this from enough interested bra makers I will definitely consider it!

  2. Renata
    Renata says:

    Hi Norma! I want to ask you about the price of the book, because on the screenshot in your post, it appears as $9,99, and when I try to buy it, it is priced over $25.

    • norma
      norma says:

      Hi Renata,
      I identified the issue for Brazil and fixed it. It will be 24 to 48 hours until the pricing change takes effect. Thank you so much for your comment!

  3. Cari Homemaker
    Cari Homemaker says:

    I second the option for printable PDF book! I don’t own an e-reader, so the only option I currently have for Kindle books is my phone, and I am afraid of losing my eyesight if I tried to read books from a screen that small.

    • norma
      norma says:

      Hi Cari,
      Thanks for adding to the list of those who want a PDF book. I am tracking this closely.

  4. Estella
    Estella says:

    Hi Norma,
    I have to tell you how much I LOVE your designs (They are beautiful!), website, blog and also how much I’m enjoying your book (big fan!). I’m starting to make some Bras for my self (very nervous) but I’m following all your advice, so exciting!…question – any recommendation on where can I buy a pinnable (and pretty) dress form. All I find online is not so pretty.
    Wishing you more and more succes in your ORANGE career,

  5. Anna-Karin
    Anna-Karin says:

    I would also like a printable PDF-book. I don’t have my computer and my sewingmachine on the same floor.

  6. poppykettle
    poppykettle says:

    Hi Norma, another here for a printable pdf! But thank you for providing the info on how to download the book without owning a kindle, I had passed up on it quicker than I should have when I saw that, but would dearly love to be able to read this. Cheers!

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