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10 Reasons to Sew Your Own Bras

Over the last few days, a lot of sewists have said that one of their New Year’s resolutions is to sew more lingerie.  In case you need any more incentive to follow up on this goal, here are the top 10 reasons to sew your own bras.

1. It is actually cheaper than buying a bra.

Surprise! Once you have the pattern, all the materials – fabric, findings and trims – can cost as little as $15. Of course you can also spend a lot more too! Regardless of what you spend on materials, the quality of the bra you make yourself will far surpass the one from the store.

2. It is faster and more efficient than shopping for a bra.

With experience, it will only take a few hours from tracing the pattern to wearing the completed bra. Compare this to the time it takes you to get to the store, park, find the bras you like, try them on, pay, etc. Even finding bras online can take some serious time, especially once you factor in the returns and exchanges as you try to find the ones that fit.

3. You get what exactly you want.

You get to choose the color, fabric, trim, etc. You could, if you were so inclined, make a bra for each outfit. That plunging top? That racer back tank? That sheer blouse? No problem. You have a bra for that.

4. You get a bra that fits.

With no real size standardization for ready-to-wear bras, your best hope for a bra that fits is to make your own (or have one made for you!). Plus, once you have a pattern that fits, you can replicate it time and time again without worrying about the bra being discontinued, sold out or no longer available. Since bras must be regularly replaced, this is a big deal.

5. It will be easier to fit the other garments you are sewing.

You will find fewer alterations are necessary to the bodice of your garment when your bust is contained and is positioned correctly on your body, due to a bra that fits you properly.

6. You will become a better seamstress.

There are plenty of construction techniques in a bra making project to help you refine your skills. We can all benefit from practicing precision ¼” seaming and parallel lines of topstitching. The best part is that no one else but you (well almost no one!) will see any of those microscopic sewing “imperfections”.

7. You can regain your sewing momentum.

There is nothing like a high utility project that can be completed in a few hours to get you back into sewing. Bras are a perfect sewing jumpstart when you are stalled on other more complicated projects.

8. You can replicate your favorite bra.

We have all been there. You love it, it fits, but it must be retired. You search and cannot find one anywhere. Copy it. You can also improve on the fit in the duplication process.

9. You’ve just found a way to use your sewing machine’s embroidery and embellishment features.

All those decorative stitches that you have not used since you bought your machine can be put to work. Astonishingly, with today’s embroidery-enabled machines you can even make your own lace.

10. You become a better judge of quality materials and craftsmanship and know when to pay for it.

There you have it – ten great reasons to sew your own bras. Time to get sewing!

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7 replies
  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    Hear hear! For all these reasons. It *has* made me a lot happier about my outer fit. But now you just put a new design idea in my head… I’ve never used those embroidery stitches!

  2. maddie
    maddie says:

    ooohh… I especially like reason number 7. This is how I first got into sewing lingerie. I was fed up with spending MONTHS on projects. I have a hectic day job but with lingerie, I can complete projects within days/weeks.

  3. poppykettle
    poppykettle says:

    I’ve come across your site from Amy’s Cloth Habit blog – just wanted to say how excited we all are that you’ll be chipping in with your expertise! It’s a goal of mine to start sewing my own bras this year, and whilst I’m still a little dubious of my ability to achieve the outcome I’d like, I’m looking forward to giving it a red hot go. Cheers!

    • norma
      norma says:

      Thank you! I am excited to be participating in the sew-along!
      I think you will be pleasantly surprised that sewing bras is not nearly as difficult as you think 🙂

  4. Renata
    Renata says:

    Great blog! I just read all the posts. I am preparing to sew my first bra, and I am practically discovering my body. Can’t wait to finally make that great pattern!

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