How to Alter Orange Lingerie's Devonshire Bra Lace Cups for Fabric

How to Alter Devonshire Lace Cups for Fabric

How to Alter Devonshire Lace Cups for Fabric

The Devonshire love continues! This week I have a tutorial for converting the cup from using lace to using fabric. This conversion allows you to carry through your fabric print (or solid) through the entire front of the bra like the scuba fabric Devonshire pictured above. This alteration is also a great workaround for when you are using an allover lace that does not have a scallop edge.

Before we dive in, remember all pattern changes are from the seam or trim lines and then the cutting line is established by adding your seam or trim allowance. Also, be sure to label your pattern pieces. You need to know what those pieces are for, especially if you are interrupted and need to set your project aside.

Now the overall approach to convert the cup to use fabric, is to add a trim allowance to allow you to stabilize and neatly finish the cup in the absence of a lace scallop edge.

Begin by taping both cup pieces to some tracing or pattern paper. Now, measure up the width of the trim elastic you use for the underarm. That same trim can be used to finish the upper cup. I really like this approach since it does not require any additional materials.

For my bra patterns the trim allowance for the underarm area is ⅜” for A to C cups and ½” for cup sizes D and greater. These are always marked on all our bra patterns so you can clearly see the trim allowance allowed and understand where to alter the pattern.

Now if you want to get fancy, you can take this a step further and reshape the upper cup. Without lace, we no longer need that straight line at the top of the cup and that allows us to add some contouring.

To get the curvy inner upper cup below, I measured the total width of the inner lower cup pattern piece along the upper edge (the solid black line at the top of the cup in between the seam lines). I then measured 75% of the distance away from the center of the overall cup and marked a point ¼” above the top edge of the cup.

To get the new curved line, I drew a smooth arcing convex line from the non-notched side of the inner cup (where it attaches to the bridge) and transitioned the line to a concave line toward the notched side of the inner cup (where it attaches to the outer cup).

You could even curve the top of the outer cup down a tiny bit (I used ⅛” below) as you move to the center of that pattern piece, bringing the line back up the existing top edge of the upper cup as you get to the underarm.

If you do decide to get fancy and add this kind of contouring to your cup, check your upper cup curve to be sure it is continuous and smooth all the way across by putting the cup pieces together along the top edge as if they were sewn.

When you go to sew the bra, apply elastic to finish the upper cup as directed for the underarm area. This application is made to the top of the completed upper cup and lining combination.

Yet another great option for your next Devonshire bra!

How to Alter Devonshire Lace Cups for Fabric
How to Alter Devonshire Lace Cups for Fabric

Introducing the Devonshire Bra Pattern!

I am super excited to introduce you to our newest underwire bra sewing pattern, the Devonshire bra!

For the Devonshire bra I wanted to create beautiful uplift with delicate lace. The first thing I think of for uplift from a bra are the cup seams and the underwire. Vertical seams are great for uplift since they direct the breast tissue upward.

From there, I designed the upper edge of the cup for a lace edge. The combination of the vertical seam with the lace scallop edge is just gorgeous.

new devonshire pattern orange lingerie

The vertical seams provide such great uplift that I decided on a balconette style cup. I also love that with the single vertical seam, the cup height can be easily lowered toward a demi cup if you wish!

A fun feature of the Devonshire are the fabric straps. I really wanted to have many straps options, especially for spring and summer when straps are more visible. There are so many fun fabric straps variations and I can’t wait to show you some them!

new devonshire pattern orange lingerie

As always, the pattern material includes the clear fully illustrated instructions you have come to expect from Orange Lingerie and each size is presented with the seam and trim lines.

As of today, the Devonshire bra pattern is available for A to DD cups in size 30 to 40 bands. If you love this style but are outside of that range, we have some good news! We are working on an extended size range for this pattern. If all goes well (and early indications are positive!) we will release the DDD to J size range later this year.

new devonshire pattern orange lingerie

I hope you enjoy the Devonshire bra pattern as much as I do! Be sure to tag your makes with #DevonshireBra and/or #OrangeLingerie so I can find them all. I love seeing everyone’s unique version of our sewing patterns!