Lansdowne Bra Sewing Pattern by Orange Lingerie

Introducing the Lansdowne Bra Sewing Pattern and Kits!

Introducing the Lansdowne bra sewing pattern! The Lansdowne is our cleavage enhancing, plunging underwire bra. The outer cup works like a super power bar, moving the breasts toward the center of the body. To complete the cleavage enhancing effect, the inner cup is cut straight down from the strap point to the low bridge at […]

You can make bras and bustiers like these using the Esplanade bra sewing pattern from Orange Lingerie! #bramakingpattern #sewinginspiration #sewingpatterns #sewingprojects

Get the look! Pattern Modifications for the Esplanade Bra

In the last post I shared some of my favorite lingerie inspired looks that you can create starting with the Esplanade bra sewing pattern. In this post I will show you how to alter the pattern so you can get the look! These looks are largely the result of shortening or lengthening the Esplanade bra […]

You can make bras and bustiers like these using the Esplanade bra sewing pattern from Orange Lingerie! #bustierpattern #bustier #bramakingpattern #sewinginspiration #sewingpatterns #sewingprojects

Inspiration for Sewing the Esplanade Bra

The Orange Lingerie Esplanade bra sewing pattern is one of my favorites! I like to wear it not only as a strapless bra but also on its own as a top. There are so many ways you can use this pattern! With summer season (a.k.a. Esplanade bra wearing season) in full swing, I thought I would […]

New peach floral Marlborough bra making kit

New Marlborough Bra Making Kits!

Once again Orange Lingerie has teamed up with Tailor Made Shop to create bra making kits, this time for our classic Marlborough bra sewing pattern! We had a lot of fun putting together beautiful fabric and lace combinations for you to use to make your next Marlborough bra your favorite ever! In all, there are five […]

The Year in YOUR Orange Lingerie Makes: Berkeley Bra

The final bra pattern we released in 2017 was the Berkeley bra. This pattern has only been available for a little while so I am absolutely thrilled to see so many lovely Berkeley bras already making an appearance! Keep them coming! I love seeing all of the different laces sewn up into this style! As […]

Fenway Bras Made by YOU on the Orange Lingerie Blog

The Year in YOUR Orange Lingerie Makes: Fenway Bra

Continuing with our look back at YOUR 2017 makes, we continue with the Fenway bra which was released in April. Throughout the year there have been so many great examples of the Fenway bra! Most makers opt to go with the sheer upper cup which I just love! As always, I link to the Instagram […]

Esplanade Dresses Orange Lingerie Blog

The Year in YOUR Orange Lingerie Makes: Esplanade Bra

This is the time of the year where I look back at the prior year and plan for the year ahead. One of my favorite parts of this process is looking back at all the great versions of our patterns that YOU made! Over the last few weeks of the year, I am going to […]

Gift Guide for Bra Makers from Orange Lingerie

Gift Guide for Bra Makers

I can hardly believe that it is that time of year again! The holiday gift buying season is underway! If you are looking for gifts for your favorite bra maker, I have a few ideas for you. From bra educational materials to bra making kits to the tools I am loving right now, here are […]

Bra Making Workshop by Orange Lingerie

New Bra Making Workshops!

If learning to sew bras or to fit your own custom bra is on your list of sewing goals, we have some good news! We have two new bra making workshops set on the calendar for 2018! In our classic two-day bra making workshops, you learn how to fit and sew your own custom underwire […]

Berkeley Bra Sewing Inspiration

Thank you all for your enthusiastic response to the Berkeley bra! I had a lot of fun working on this bra design and I can’t wait to see what you all sew up using this pattern! I will be posting more on the blog about this pattern over the coming weeks including how to select materials […]