The Year in YOUR Orange Lingerie Makes: Fenway Bra

Continuing with our look back at YOUR 2017 makes, we continue with the Fenway bra which was released in April.

Throughout the year there have been so many great examples of the Fenway bra! Most makers opt to go with the sheer upper cup which I just love! As always, I link to the Instagram feed and/or blog of each maker so you can see more and read about their project.

Fenway Bras Made by YOU on the Orange Lingerie BlogStarting in the upper left-hand corner and moving from left to right:

@tanyo471 brings her fine sewing approach to bra making using this lovely emerald green with black overlay. Her blog is loaded with great sewing projects and lots of great detail on each make.

@lachesisandco has several great bra makes in her feed. I am of course partial to this black Fenway bra!

@a.malmin has made more than one Fenway bra and this red and black version is so well done!


In the center row, left and right-hand side are bras by @hennamakesthings. She has multiple bra making projects in her feed. Her fun Star Trek inspired layout for that blue Fenway made me laugh!

The bra in the center was made by @jdizzle238. The plaid is just perfect for fall and winter!


On the bottom row, starting in the left-hand corner, are two Fenway bras made by @fairfit. A red lace and a gold lace Fenway bra, just perfect for the holiday season!

In the middle of the bottom row is one of the great bras sewn by @christinehaynes. She has a great post about her adventures in bra making on her blog.

Last but not least, in the lower right hand corner is a Fenway sewn by @sewingisrequired. She has made so many beautiful bras and you can find them all in her Instagram feed.

If you are feeling inspired you can get the sewing pattern to make your own version of the Fenway bra!



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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    What a great idea for a post and thanks so much for including me 🙂 Like all your patterns, the Fenway is fabulous and I especially love the way it lends itself to such creative design!

  2. Tany (Teresa Leite)
    Tany (Teresa Leite) says:

    Thanks for featuring me and for your lovely words about my work! I miss bra making (Lately I have been centered in garment sewing, but that’s just until I need new underwear, lol!). I have in my list of future makes the Esplanade and the Berkley bra; I am absolutely certain that both designs keep up with the high standards of the Fenway and the Marlborough
    Merry Christmas and keep up the good work!

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